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    All in the Middle of a Cornfield

  • DakotaCon 9

    March 29–March 312019Madison, South Dakota


Three Days of Security!

March - March 2019, Madison South Dakota

Join us for three full days of talks and trainings from the finest peeps in the security world! Come enjoy the benefits of a small conference where you won't get lost in the crowd and you get time to interact directly with the speakers and your security peers. Attending the talks on Friday is FREE, so you have no excuse!

Bring your friends and co-workers for an epic weekend of security fun at Dakota State University!

The Vision

Come listen to the visions and ideas of some of the best and brightest minds in the security community.


After the talks, network with your peers and the security pros.


Learn from the best with a two day hands-on training. These trainings are of a DefCon caliber, right here in Madison!


Learn From These Great Folks



The conference will be held in the theater at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse on the campus of Dakota State University. No need to register, just come on out for the talks!

The North Central Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition will begin in the evening in the conference room at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse, and continue into Day 2.

Bruce White Using the Past to Prepare for the Future

Eric Smith Red Teaming - An Identity Crisis

Taylor Hayes Geeks & Legal Eagles: Building Synergy and Understanding
So you wanna be a Cybersecurity Consultant?: Basics of Cybersecurity Consultancy Agreements

Jeff Costlow Entropy: A Deep Dive

Jordan Drysdale The Life of a Credential Hack; War Stories and Killing This with General Best Practices.

Patrick Matthews The $19.95 Anonymous Cyber Profile

Jesse Clark Bug Bounties: Getting Started and Keeping At It

Buzz Hillestad Incident Response Lessons Learned

Jeremy Straub Rules of Engagement: What Cybersecurity Professionals Can Learn from the Laws of War


Saturday at DakotaCon features the second half of the North Central Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitiona> at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse. In the afternoon, all of the trainings begin at the Beacom Institute of Technology on the campus of Dakota State University.

CCDC Resumes

Trainings Begin


The conference will conclude with the continuation of trainings on Sunday. Trainings are held in the Beacom Institute of Technology on the campus of Dakota State University

Trainings Resume

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2019 NC CCDC

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Come learn from the best folks in the industry! Register today!
Trainings will be held on the campus of Dakota State University, beginning in the morning of March 30, and continue on March 31.

  • Threat Hunting with Suricata

    Open Information Security Foundation

    Register Today!

    Defending your network starts with understanding your traffic. More than just an IDS/IPS, Suricata can provide the visibility to solve incidents quickly and more accurately by enabling context before, during, and after an alert. In this brand-new course, attendees will learn the skills required to identify, respond and protect against threats in their network day to day as well as identify new threats through structured data aggregation and analysis. Hands-on labs consisting of real-world malware and network traffic will reinforce course concepts while utilizing the latest Suricata features. Come and see what you’ve been missing in your network and unlock the full potential of network security, detection, and response with Threat Hunting with Suricata.

    What will be covered:

    Identify key strategies for network security architecture and visibility
    Learn the fundamentals of rule writing and rule comprehension
    Understand how to managing rule sources and create effective rulesets
    Develop methods for establishing network baselines
    Recognize traffic anomalies
    Use Suricata to capture network traffic and replay PCAPS
    Utilize log aggregation and shipping services to build a complete picture
    Perform traffic analysis and create visualizations with Kibana
    Develop a custom network sensor with Suricata and ELK
    Analyze suspicious traffic to determine maliciousness
    Learn how to pivot off of key attack indicators using threat intelligence
    Analyze true positive and false positive alerts
    Leveraging rules specifically for threat hunting
    Deploying honey tokens

  • Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing


    Register Today!

    So you’ve popped some alert boxes, and understand the OWASP Top 10, but you’re looking to take your skills to the next level? In this course, students will gain an understanding of moderate to advanced web application attacks and assessment techniques. This class will include hands on challenges where attendees use skills acquired during the class to exploit web applications. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the tools and processes for conducting a deep-dive web application penetration test.

    Day 1:

    OSINT & Target Recon
    Application Testing in CI/CD Environments
    Advanced XSS
    Client-Side Template Injection
    Authentication Methods & Vulnerabilities
    OpenID Connect
    XML External Entities (XXE)
    Exploiting Cloud Providers (EC2, S3, etc.)

    Day 2:

    Deserialization Vulnerabilities
    Exploiting Cryptographic Weakness
    Stream Ciphers
    Block Ciphers
    Padding Oracle Attacks
    Burp Suite Tips and Tricks
    Obscure Burp Functionality
    Advanced Burp Suite usage, such as session management and authorization testing
    Useful Burp extensions
    Writing Burp extensions
    Other Web Technologies
    HTTP 2
    Advanced Security Headers

    Prerequisites for students:
    Basic knowledge of HTTP, Burp Suite, and the ability to exploit basic web application attacks (XSS, SQLi, etc.) is suggested. Web application programming experience will be helpful, but is not required.

    Materials or Equipment students will need:
    Laptop with Firefox and Java installed. Kali Linux VM, or similar setup that will run various exploitation tools.

  • Digital Forensics for Incident Response

    SBS CyberSecurity

    Register Today!

    You have an incident response policy and you’ve created your plan but who on your team is qualified to actually detect and respond to incidents on your network? How about evil insider incidents that might involve a court case? DFIR from SBS CyberSecurity LLC is the place to start! In this course, we will introduce you to all the tools to get the DFIR job done and go through situations and labs that will help you understand when to use what tool and how.

    Day 1:

    DFIR Definitions and Procedures
    Necessary Tools and Skills
    Incident Response Preparation
    Data Acquisition Hard Drive and RAM

    Day 2:

    Digital Forensics: Windows, Email, and Web
    Malware Analysis
    Network Forensics
    Incident Case Studies

    Students will need a powerful laptop with plenty of space 500GB storage
    Windows 10 preferred, Windows required
    (ability to install software on that laptop)
    2 TB USB connectable drive for data acquisition
    16 GB additional USB drive for Kali Live

North Central CCDC

CCDC is a two day Network Security event. This is the first competition that specifically focuses on the operational aspect of managing, securing, and defending a "commercial" network infrastructure. Students get a chance to test their knowledge by building, protecting, and maintaining a realistic network and operations environment. Participating teams will be required to demonstrate their ability to withstand and defend against real-time network security attacks.

The winning team receives an all expense paid trip to the national competition!

CCDC provides a unique opportunity for students to gain realistic defensive network security skills that closely simulate the operational challenges they will face as they enter the job market.

Teams are encouraged (but not required) to bring a Team Advisor. Advisors are not allowed to participate in the competition.

Information about Teams

  • Teams are accepted on a first-come-first serve basis
  • Each team can consist of up to eight students
  • ONLY 2 of the 8 members can be graduate students
  • $0 Entry Fee Per Team

What to Bring?

  • Friday Supper will be provided, Saturday breakfast will be provided
  • Feel free to bring any textbooks, notes, and printed materials

Dates: March 29 - March 30
CCDC will begin in the afternoon of March 29, and continue the morning of March 30.

DakotaCon Attendees: feel free to stop by Friday or Saturday and check out CCDC. You're also welcome to attend the reception following CCDC on Friday at LC43 in Madison!

High Schoolers: See what life at DSU is like! Check out DakotaCon, stop by and see the CCDC teams from around the region compete on Saturday. Stop by LC43 on Friday night and hang out with DakotaCon speakers, CCDC teams, and other great peeps!

Contact Info: For further details, to register a team, or request any other information contact the project lead:
Andrew Kramer


The 2019 DakotaCon CTF will be a mixture of online and in person challenges to test every person out there. This year we will once again have a large range of locks to pick from easy to hard. We will also be offering more online challenges for students to try their keystrokes on. First, Second, and Third place winners will receive prizes. Visit https://ctf.dakotacon.org


Conference Will Be Held At

Dakota State University

Dakota Prairie Playhouse

Getting Here

Air Travel

The nearest airport is Sioux Falls, SD (FSD). Then a 45 mile drive to Madison.

By Car

From points East or West, take SD-34. North or south, take US-81. If in doubt, GPS!


1205 N. Washington
Madison, SD 57042

Hotels Nearby


504 10th St. SE, Madison, SD 57042
Phone: (605) 256-3076

Super 8

219 North Highland, Madison, SD 57042
Phone: (605) 256-6931

The Lakes Lodge

20 Golf Drive, Wentworth, SD 57075
Phone: (605) 483-3544


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